你打算做什么 Barrhaven 你的新家? 伟大的! Cassidy’s Moving and Storage is a Barrhaven moving company and a fantastic choice for your upcoming move.


这种安静, 电子娱乐网app郊区越来越多的家庭为导向,人口接近95人,000人, 根据 Barrhaven BIA. 不过如果你在电子娱乐网app市中心工作的话,通勤时间会相当长, you will find an excellent selection of schools and a variety of housing price ranges — townhouses and single-family homes in neighbourhoods from affordable Knollsbrook (位于法洛菲尔德和格林班克的东南部)到成本更高的地方 心中的愿望 (between Jockvale Road and Woodroffe Avenue). Barrhaven也有很多绿地可以享受,以及 fun community events 像啤酒节 Barrhaven.

Why Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage?

Barrhaven Ontario Moving Company

电子娱乐网app的移动和存储是一个经验丰富的安大略企业, professional movers for more than a century. 我们的搬家人员都是经过精心挑选,训练有素,团结一致,清理干净的. 我们为您的行李搬运的专业和安全感到自豪.

What’s more, Cassidy’s are movers servicing Barrhaven. We know the area well – neighbourhoods, 街道, 和所有, 我们会尽快让你搬进Barrhaven的新家, 有效地, 和安全.




电子娱乐网app搬家仓库是您信任的搬家专家, with over a century of experience in the 电子娱乐网app area. 我们已经 moving Barrhaven residents like you since the community was first developed back in 1960.

Local 移动服务 For Barrhaven

Call on Cassidy’s for your local move within Barrhaven. 我们提供你想要的灵活性,帮助你无压力的移动.

搬到当地,你可能会选择自己做一部分工作. 毕竟, it’s easy to bring along a few boxes when you go over to get your new Barrhaven home ready. 我们对此没有意见.

如果你想把整个行动交给我们的话, from packing to unloading and setting up, 这样也很好.

Just ask us to schedule a Barrhaven moving consultant, who’ll come and evaluate the size of your move. Then we’ll let you know upfront how much the different levels of service will cost.

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电子娱乐网app 服务 To Barrhaven

Getting ready for a long distance move to Barrhaven? You’ll love the community here.

Choose Cassidy’s Cassidy’s Moving and Storage as your long distance moving company to start your new life off on the right foot. 无论你是从加拿大的其他地方还是更远的地方搬来的, 我们经验丰富的专业团队将使过渡顺利而简单.

A long distance move tends to be quite demanding, 因此,您可以随意利用我们灵活的服务,只要您愿意. 如果你要从另一个国家长途搬家, 我们甚至会帮你处理你的移民文件.

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电子娱乐网app 服务 From Barrhaven

远离Barrhaven经常会带来复杂的情绪 .. 而且压力很大. 这就是电子娱乐网app的作用所在——我们在减少压力方面是老手.

We provide all the long distance or international moving services that you will need, wherever in the world you’ll be moving to!!

A full-service moving package will leave you free for the many other tasks you have to accomplish, while a move that’s partially DIY will help you save money toward future living expenses. 不管你想要什么样的长途运输服务, 就像电子娱乐网app搬家仓库一样!

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在你搬家的整个过程中,搬家用品似乎只是一个小细节, but getting your hand on the right supplies – and making sure you have enough of them – can be surprisingly difficult. 特别是当你需要像超大纸箱这样的特殊用品时.

Cassidy’s Moving and Storage understands. And since our goal is to make your life easy, 我们为你提供了很棒的服务——所有你需要的搬家用品, delivered right to your door.

Here’s a sampling of what we can provide you:

  • Cartons from 2 to 5 cubic feet
  • Special purpose cartons, such as wardrobe boxes
  • Clean ink-free packing paper
  • 床垫包
  • 移动的毯子
  • 还有更多——问问我们就知道了!

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Here’s a moving stress buster you might never have thought of – a storage container.

这是怎么回事呢? 这一切都始于电子娱乐网app把一个空的储物箱带到你家. You load it up at your own pace. 当你装完后,请打电话给我们来取装好的容器.

下一个, we’ll transport the container safely to either your new address or our secure storage facility – where you can leave it for one day or ten years. 您的行李在我们这里是安全的,直到您准备取回!

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你想找个地方安定下来,组建家庭,称之为家吗? You won’t have to look further than Barrhaven!

Barrhaven是一个快速扩展的社区,吸引了许多人. 如果你想搬到那里,这里有一些事情你应该知道.


Barrhaven is a great neighbourhood for people looking for a variety in both home styles and prices. It is more of a ‘bedroom community’, 这意味着它是一个安静的地方,对于想要组建家庭的人来说是一个理想的地方, or young families looking for a new home.

While Barrhaven has many pros, there are a few cons. Because it is a quieter community, 它没有像其他社区那样为年轻人做那么多事情. If you’re looking for a wide variety of nightlife, 或者更拥挤, Barrhaven不适合你.

Barrhaven is also not ideal if you plan on commuting into downtown 电子娱乐网app or to some surrounding neighbourhoods by car. Barrhaven – or as some people affectionately call it, “Far” haven – is far enough out of the way that you would have to leave very early or much later to avoid rush hour traffic that can add a lot of time to your commute.

If you depend on OC Transpo to get around, 有一些交通工具可以把你带到你想去的地方, 但是再一次, you may find yourself at the mercy of rush hour and the bus schedule when going to and from work.


Barrhaven, Ontario was created in the 1960s as part of a group of suburban areas built across the 电子娱乐网app Greenbelt. Barrhaven的边界是北部的法洛菲尔德路, 斯特兰德赫德路往南, 格林班克路往东, and Cedarview Road to the west.

Photo credit: neighbourhoodstudy.ca / barrhaven

There are several small communities within Barrhaven. 这些包括:

  • Barrhaven东
  • 格林大道的Barrhaven
  • Barrhaven南
  • Cedargrove
  • Crestway
  • 戴维森的高度
  • 半月湾
  • 心中的愿望
  • 文化遗产公园
  • Jockvale
  • Longfields
  • 老Barrhaven
  • Stonebridge
  • Strandherd

自2006年以来, the population of Barrhaven combined with Gloucester-South Nepean has grown from 63,700至106人以上,000 in 2015. As the population has grown, so has the number of new homes being built in this neighbourhood. This makes it ideal for people looking for homes with little to no renovations and repairs.

How Good are the 学校 in Barrhaven?

以下是Barrhaven地区的公立学校名单, with their Fraser Institute’s* ranking. For more information of school programs and amenities, 请开元电子app娱乐电子娱乐网app-卡尔顿地区学校董事会.


Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School

  • 弗雷泽的排名:7.5/10
  • 成绩:JK-6
  • 提供多种课外活动,三重轨道教育和安全学校项目.


  • 弗雷泽的排名:5.5/10
  • 成绩:JK-5
  • Among many extracurricular activities, Barrhaven公立学校 offers a Playground Activities Leadership program for older students.


  • 弗雷泽的排名:6.7/10
  • 成绩:JK-6
  • Berrigan提供7个不同的学术项目和11个俱乐部, along with multiple after school sports activities.


  • 弗雷泽的排名:8/10
  • 成绩:JK-6
  • Chapman Mills opened its doors in 2013, 并提供广泛的课外活动,鼓励社区参与, like the annual Terry Fox Run.


  • 弗雷泽的排名:5.8/10
  • 成绩:JK-6
  • Farley Mowat is a school with many cultures; over 42 languages are spoken besides English and French. They also put a lot of emphasis on being a part of a community and recognizing each other’s accomplishment through their ‘Wolf Pack’ assemblies.


  • 弗雷泽的排名:N / A
  • 成绩:JK-6
  • 半月湾 is a new school that started in 2016, but is already a great place for kids to learn, 教育工作者致力于让学校变得快乐和有趣.


  • 弗雷泽的排名:6/10
  • 成绩:JK-5
  • 这所历史悠久的学校有足够的活动空间, and is situated across from the Ruth E. 狄金森图书馆和沃尔特·贝克娱乐中心.

Mary Honeywell Elementary School

  • 弗雷泽的排名:5.6/10
  • 成绩:JK-5
  • Mary Honeywell has four specialized system classes, 对于需要不同学习方式的学生来说,这是一个很好的选择.


John McCrae Secondary School

  • 弗雷泽的排名:8.7/10
  • 成绩:9 - 12
  • John McCrae is a comprehensive community-focused school with many modern resources like computer and art labs. 它有几个学术部门和特殊项目, 还有热情的老师监督的课外活动.

Longfields 戴维森的高度 Secondary School

  • 弗雷泽的排名:7.8/10
  • 7 - 12年级:
  • This school plays host to several community events, and encourages students to be involved. Outside of academics, several students have participated in city-wide leadership programs.

*The Fraser Institute rankings use publicly available data like average scores on provincial testing, 但这并不能反映出学校的全貌.


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What 体育 and Recreation are Available in Barrhaven?

Barrhaven is home to several sports and recreation facilities for any 和所有 to use, including:

  • The 电子娱乐网app Academy of Martial Arts – Barrhaven
  • The Walter Baker 体育 and Recreational Centre
  • The Minto Recreation Complex

Both the Walter Baker 体育 Centre and the Minto Recreation Complex are equipped with pools and ice rinks. Walter Baker has a fully equipped fitness centre, Minto拥有最先进的人造草皮场.


  • The Barrhaven Barbarians Rugby Football Club
  • The Barrhaven Softball League
  • Barrhaven网球俱乐部
  • Barrhaven曲棍球联盟

With plenty of activities for both kids and adults, you’ll be able to stay active with no problems.


With a growing population to feed, Barrhaven has become home to some top-notch eating establishments. Here are a few you should definitely check out.


波尔图之家是一家位于Barrhaven Crossing的意大利餐馆.3/5的Zomato评级. 这个名字, 意思是“带回家”, 反映了业主的原始想法,出售自制酱汁和新鲜意面带走. People were so in love with the food that 6 months after opening in 2005, it became a restaurant. Now their fine dining menu includes all the classics, and is a must-eat destination.


在Pinelopi的希腊厨房, 他们认为食物和饮料是生活中最美味的东西之一, and they make sure you enjoy it. 食物新鲜,美味,毫无疑问是自制的,这在他们的4.3/5 Zomato得分. The atmosphere is family-friendly, 一位开元电子app娱乐者说,你第一次拜访时得到一个拥抱,不必感到惊讶.


If you’re looking for something more on the casual dining side, you should try Barrhaven越南. Zomato得了4分.2/5你知道它很好. 开元电子app娱乐家对flavor的评价是一致的, warm food served by people with warm hearts.

What Kind of 购物 is There in Barrhaven?

As Barrhaven expands, so does its shopping selections. Whatever you need, Barrhaven is bound to have it.


Ideally located at the intersection of Greenbank, Strandherd, 和Jockvale, Barrhaven镇中心是该地区一些最大的商店的所在地, including Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Address: 3777 Strandherd Drive


A stone’s throw from the Barrhaven镇中心, 查普曼钢厂市场 is home to some of the other big names in shopping and entertainment. This includes Cineplex, Walmart, Winners, and Chapters. 这些商店分布在一个很大的空间,包括大量的停车位.

Address: 50 Marketplace Avenue


Strandherd穿越 lays in the east end of Barrhaven, 还有很多小商店供人们浏览. It is the largest shopping mall in the neighbourhood, 并提供充足的停车位来容纳每个来参观的人.

Address: 3302 Woodroffe Avenue


The Barrhaven购物中心 is a smaller site, 但很有个性, 还有你快速购物所需的一切, 包括食物基础知识, Pharmachoice, 和头发沙龙. 它甚至还有一个医疗中心!


What Can You Do for Fun in Barrhaven?

Barrhaven is home to a lot of fun activities and entertainment – you just have to know where to look for it!

The Barrhaven Legion often hosts events for residents, like stand-up comedy nights and holiday fundraisers. Barrhaven全年还举办几个节日, 像啤酒节, 电子娱乐网app’s biggest fall celebration, and the Fall Harvest Music Festival.

Keep an eye on local news to find out what’s coming to Barrhaven once you move there!

What Kinds of 服务 Are Available?

Barrhaven has expanded quite a bit in the last few years and is now one of the most populous neighbourhoods. That means more services have been added over the years to make Barrhaven one of the most convenient and comfortable communities to live in.

服务 and amenities in Barrhaven include:

  • 紧急服务
  • 家庭护理和维修
  • 宠物护理
  • 美容美发沙龙
  • 健康中心
  • 金融服务
  • 公共交通
  • 法律服务
  • 汽车维修中心
  • 儿童及家庭服务

Does Barrhaven Have a Lot of Green Space?

Barrhaven isn’t just a place of indoor fun: it has multiple parks for people to enjoy, including:

  • 伯内特公园
  • 克拉克字段公园
  • 半月湾公园
  • Houlahan公园
  • 拉金公园
  • Mowat农场公园
  • 熊猫公园
  • 史汀生公园
  • Utman公园
  • 龙水公园
  • 惠桥公园

Some of these parks have jungle gyms for kids, wide open spaces for dogs (and kids), 有些人两者都有. What they all have in common is fun and fresh air.

Let Us Help You Move to The Haven

你觉得“避风港”听起来是最适合你的地方吗? 让我们帮你! 我们已经 移动在电子娱乐网app 甚至超过110年, so you know we have the experience and the professionalism to move your belongings safely and on time. 你所要做的就是要求你的自由移动估计!